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What if Online Blackjack becomes Illegal

What if Online Blackjack Games becomes too addictive? What if Blackjack Online was banned; wonder would all the gamblers do? They would go somewhere else where they would be safe from the gambling ban. They would choose the safe haven of gambling sites on the World Wide Web. These sites offer the same security that is found in a casino but without the hassle and risk of actually going inside to gamble. They offer their clients the same games that they have at a real casino but without the chance of getting caught by the police.


Blackjack Online Games

Collect first all the required knowledge about the online blackjack. If Blackjack were to become illegal then all the successful blackjack players in the world and even some of the lesser known ones would cease to exist. It would be like everyone having to start from scratch and build from scratch again; it would be like the creation of the internet was put on hold. The only people who would be left with any cash would be the ones who invented new games; or created entirely new gambling strategies. That would mean that less money would be coming in for the developers who did not want to create games because the game would not make any money for them. So the programmers would be out of business too and the ones who remained would have less money to support themselves and their families.

If Blackjack were to become illegal and therefore disappeared from the internet; what would happen to the world’s gaming industry? How would the smaller game designers compete with the new mega-corporations? Would the newer games that were not hit by the ban to stay in the market? Would they still sell in the blackjack shops and on the internet? Do you see where this is going?


Online Betting

People enjoy making money from online betting. This is why I am opposed to any kind of regulation that attempts to make gambling as something that requires licenses and other heavy handed policies. How would the government get involved?

The only way that this could ever happen is if the World Casino Association or some other group decided; that they were going to get serious about regulating the online world. This would mean taxes; rules and regulations and all of the fixes that are needed to make the online world a healthy environment for everyone to wager in. It means that casinos can’t set up fake winnings and losses and it also means that blackjack dealers have to have proper licenses and be registered with the proper government agencies. If you believe that you can get away with running your blackjack table as you like; then you probably should not be blackjack dealer in the first place.

There are a lot of people that think that they can get away with running their blackjack tables as they like; but I can tell you right now that the IRS; the government; doesn’t stand for this. If you tried to run your blackjack online casino as you like; you’d be thrown in jail for good; that’s how serious the problem of blackjack online is. If you try to gamble in any other casino; even though you might not be using real money; it still falls under the gaming regulations and the same laws and you might find yourself in trouble for your illegal gambling activities. So don’t you want to make sure that you are playing blackjack legally?